Friday, April 10, 2009

Stellar Jay in Butano State Park

I moved to California from New England in 2007 and I've been fascinated with the variety of birds ever since. Instead of blue jays, I now look at stellar jays and scrub jays. This is a stellar jay. They're very playful and curious. This guy followed me around the park. When I didn't move, he got very close.

They're quite common in the Bay Area. I've seen them in my neighborhood on the coast, at my work, and in the parks. They have a very piercing cry. It sounds as if they're telling you to "Get out!" "Get out!"

They have a beautiful progression from black to blue and
fantastic crests.


  1. Great pictures! I think we saw one when we were in Portland, Oregon a few years back. Are they about crow-sized? I hadn't seen one near where I live and have always wondered what I'd seen -- no pictures, sadly.

  2. Thanks! They're not as large as crows. More like the size of a robin.


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