Sunday, June 28, 2009

California Gulls

California has a variety of different gulls. Identifying them is further complicated by the different feather patterns exhibited by the young seagulls.

California gulls are everywhere. They're at the beach, in the parking lots, they've very adaptable to human environments.

This is an adult California gull. Note the white spots on the tips of his primaries.

They have yellow beaks with a red spot.

This guy was at the Golden Gate Park. He was very aggressive about asking people for food. There was a woman napping on the grass and he walked all around her to see if he could steal some food.

This is a juvenile California gull. He's still wearing a first winter coat. Their bellies get increasingly white as they age.

He looked really nice against the waves.

Here's a bottom view of another juvenile.


  1. There are lots of different gulls indeed! I like them and appreciate that they'll take any opportunity presented . We have these little ones with a ridiculous voice and they complain a lot. I should figure out what kind they are...

  2. I recently discovered Heermann's gulls. They're really neat looking in their breeding plumage. I have some nice pictures of them that I'll post soon.


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