Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We have been experimenting with playing opera and classical music to placate the birds. And by "we" I mean my boyfriend, because it turns out that cockatiels don't like my kind of music (Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains, etc.).

They really like operas by Wagner and French classical music. They will stop screaming for attention if you play a disk for them, but not if you play the same disk for multiple days in a row. The cockatiels have standards, after all. Conner is passionate about Brahms. They both enjoy the Ring and Ravel.

They strongly disapprove of violins and piano music, though, so don't play that type of music for your cockatiels unless you're prepared for a revolt.

Here's Conner trying to sing opera.

(he's not sleepy at all)

This could be a huge discovery for all bird owners. Play opera! See how they like it.


  1. Cute pics! My guys all seem to simply adore all kinds of opera and classical, it is in constant demand here! It is funny yours don't like plain violin and piano, Yo-yo quite enjoys those, and almost always adds his own. perfectly timed and tuned, whistles to the music.

  2. I'm thinking now that it must depend on the type of piano and violin music. Last night we were listening to very soft piano and everyone was happy.

    Audrey in particular dislikes loud sounds. He gets mad at us if the tv is too loud, for example.


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