Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cranky Older Cockatiels

Cockatiels get cranky as they get older.  Audrey is no exception.  He's very territorial, he only accepts affection when he's in the mood, and he dictates our schedule by screaming when he wants the lights off or out of his cage.

For the last several months, he'll get so angry that when he's sitting on your finger, he'll attack the finger violently and spread his wings out.  If you don't distract him, he'll start flapping his wings and almost fall over.  He gets so caught up in being angry.

When Audrey wants to be scratched, though, he'll still let you kiss him.  Who can say no to this face?


  1. I've been thinking the same thing about my 11-year-old cockatiel. She's so bossy and cranky,and thinks nothing of biting if I don't read her mind and obey instantly. And to think she could live to 35 . . . just think how mean she'll be by then . . .

  2. Maybe she'll stay the same level of crankiness. :-)


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