Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nest Box

Okay, Conner hasn't taken a wet enough shower yet to warrant pictures.  I haven't forgotten; I promise.  In lieu of wet Conner, I have Conner in a box!  Now that Conner has chewed down a side of his box, he can hang out in the box without missing any of the action.  

He's all about redecorating the box too.  Since these pictures were taken, Conner has chewed down the green box and repositioned it on the other side of the nest box in front of the opening.  Last night I found him napping inside the nest box next to the green box.

He also does his flirting routine inside the box.  Here his head is high.

Here he dips his head down low.

Once he reaches the lowest point, he pops his head back up while making a kissy noise.  It's very charming.


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