Sunday, November 1, 2009

Black Oystercatcher

If you want to see birds in California, you should head to the ocean. A scene like the one below can actually contain hundreds of well-camoflauged birds.

As you get closer you see different types of birds flying across the water. If they have orange beaks, they're likely to be Black Oystercatchers.

Here's a picture of one relaxing in the aviary in the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I thought that he was objecting to his captivity because the whole time, he kept saying "Eee...eee." But the ones outside make the same noise constantly, so it must be part of their nature.

Below is the typical area where the birds forage for food. If the oystercatchers didn't have orange beaks and eyes, they would blend very well with the surroundings.

Their beaks are designed for probing and cracking open shells. The oystercatchers walk around poking at the ground for food.

Here, the oystercatcher is telling me to leave. heh

shoo. shoo!

They co-habitate with the seals.

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