Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brown Pelican

The Presidio of San Francisco is a former military installation that was turned into a park in 1994. It's an excellent park for Californians because it includes water, trails for biking and jogging, and a cafe with many vegetarian options.

Our timing was perfect today because the fog was in the process of lifting when we arrived. At the beginning you could only see part of the Golden Gate Bridge.

But soon you could see all of it.

I saw many birds today including four new types of birds. But today I'd like to focus on the Brown Pelican. Pelicans of all different ages were everywhere.

they like posts

they especially like sitting on posts

The bird above is a subadult, which means he's transitioning from having a blue beak and brown feathers to a yellow beak and white feathers.

there was also a lot of flying

looking for fish

and diving!

sadly, most of my pictures of the diving looked like this

The pictures above are of a nonbreeding adult.

At one of the piers, there was an immature pelican checking out the view.

He is so beautiful. I'm transfixed by pelicans because they look so different depending upon their position and age. I love the immature pelicans because of their blue beak.

He was completely comfortable being near people. You can see here how the guy on the left was less than a foot away from the pelican.

He let me take hundreds of pictures.

When pelicans fly they look so graceful. So it was funny to see this one standing. He looks rather squat.

Next time, maybe I should bring a treat.


  1. I love pelicans. I lived in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and I used to see them all the time while I was swimming in the ocean.

  2. Hey CPD! That sounds like so much fun. I almost wish I was into surfing because then I could hangout with the pelicans more often.


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