Friday, October 2, 2009

American Goldfinches

The American Goldfinch is a very common bird. You can get them to visit your feeder if you include thistle seeds. Sadly, they don't eat cockatiel food. I'd love to have them at my feeders. Below is a picture of the male.

It's not the best picture but you can almost make out his black cap. A better picture can be found here. I'll get better pictures of their breeding plumage next spring.

The females are a much more muted color. They have a yellow breast, but no black cap, and the other feathers (other than on their wings) are a drab almost olive color.

The American Goldfinch's winter plumage is quite different:

Oh, wait. That's a cockatiel! Conner's picture pops up everywhere. Let's try again.

The bird is almost brown. Lesser Goldfinches are not a bright yellow, but they retain more yellow in their winter plumage.

This beautiful guy was greatly enjoying food in Golden Gate Park.

There was a whole crowd eating from the flowers. Other people are reporting that the goldfinches are happy that the sunflower seeds have finally ripened in their gardens.

You know how you won't see a bird for three or four months and then they appear everywhere? There were also goldfinches eating away in Hayward.

It's funny to see winter plumage for birds when the weather remains the same year round. I suppose the laydeez are impressed in the spring, though, when males grow bright yellow feathers and a fancy black cap.

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