Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flycatcher at Butano State Park

Fall has come to the Bay Area as slightly chilly air. We can all feel it; it's very exciting.

Yesterday we headed to Butano State Park in Pescadero, CA. There weren't many birds, but the clear sky allowed for some beautiful photos.

I really like these trees because of all the layers. They look like they're peeling year round.

We headed to the forest in the hopes of finding some chickadees or nuthatches. I heard lots of birds, but didn't get to see them.

There was evidence of spiders.

I learned not to leave my camera unattended because it could be used to take funny pictures of me.

I did see a new flycatcher. I believe that this is a Cordilleran Flycatcher.

There are eight kinds of flycatchers in Northern California, but only half of them have the triangle shaped top. The only two that have both the triangle shaped top and the eye ring are Pacific-sloped Flycatchers and Cordilleran Flycatchers. It appears that the Pacific-sloped Flycatchers have less of a triangle and are smaller, but many sources say the birds are visually identical and only distinguishable by sound.

Below, the triangle part on his head is even more raised!

I think the picture below is a Pacific-sloped Flycatcher from another part of Pescadero, CA, but it could be a Dusky Flycatcher. If anyone has a different opinion, please comment. I'm still learning.

It is so hard to tell the difference. GrrlScientist posted a picture of a flycatcher last week that she identifies as a Willow Flycatcher, but I swear is a Gray Flycatcher or at least some kind of hybrid. The bird has eyerings, which are associated with Gray Flycatchers and not Willow Flycatchers. I'm planning on getting a more detailed field guide soon that I hope will help with these identifications.

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