Sunday, July 19, 2009

Birds in Motion - Pigeon, Pelican, Heermann's Gull, White Crowned Sparrow

I love capturing birds in motion. The most common, scrappy bird becomes a piece of art. Below is a pigeon flying after pieces of bread. This may be my favorite bird picture because his head and the pieces of bread are in focus, while the wings become out-of-focus at the edges.

This is a brown pelican. I like how his primary feathers flip upwards. (Photo by Jon)

The heermann's gull curves his wings in the same shape as the waves.

Here you can see three different primaries curving at the tips.

The white-crowned sparrow moves so fast, his wings are almost a blur.


  1. You are such an amazing photographer! It's really interesting to see the details in the way they hold their feathers in flight. Thanks for these!

  2. Thanks Mary!

    I like the details too. On my trip to Utah, there were hundreds of swallows swooping into the river and I wish my camera was fast enough to capture them. The best I got was a blur.


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