Sunday, July 5, 2009

Heermann's Gull

It's summer, which means that the coastal birds are busy breeding. Heermann's gulls are different from most gulls in that they migrate south to breed and fly back north for the remaining summer months. Here is the Heermann's Gull in his breeding plumage.
On Friday we went to Monterey Bay to visit the aquarium. Driving back home, the traffic was terrible so we stopped at Moss Landing Beach. The Heermann's Gulls were flying in and out of the waves.

This was taken several weeks ago in San Gregorio. I like the guy on the left. It looks like he's telling us to leave his territory. "Get out!"

Today we went to Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. I saw the cherry-headed conures that live outside. They moved too fast to get any pictures, but just being near them was a thrill. For anyone who isn't familiar with the documentary, the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is an excellent movie.


  1. You have some of the most incredible pictures on your blog, on this and all the other posts. I really enjoy them. It is also nice that you give all the names of what the pictures are of - I also love bird (and any animal) watching, so it is nice to have names for birds we don't see here.

    I know you must have a better camera than me, and I have to admit that make me jealous! Mine works, per say, but not overly well. I am not sure I can buy a new one, though, as the off gassing would be horrible for me.

  2. Thanks Meg! I'm so glad that you like the pictures. This hobby is keeping me sane.

    I use a Nikon d40, typcially with a 55-200 mm lens make by Nikon and now my new 70-300 mm lens made by Sigma. It's in the bottom line of dSLRs, so it's pretty affordable. I used a lot of gift certificates to buy it. ;-)


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