Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Screaming Cockatiels

There is no sleeping late at this house...until now!

Oh my Audrey, how you love to demand attention so early in the morning. I cannot simply put you on my shoulder and fall back asleep because if you are outside your cage, you must be scratched.

Conner, most of the time when you sing, I'm happy. You're telling the world how much you enjoy life! Most days, starting to sing at 6:00 AM is not a big deal because I'm already awake. But oh, the weekends!

We have solved the problem of the early risers by providing a downstairs room for them. Conner has to be next to a mirror or he screams, which agitates Audrey, and causes synchronized screaming. Fortunately, the closet of this room doubles as a mirror!

As soon as Conner started chirping on Sunday, I took him and Audrey downstairs. I spent the next few hours sleeping restlessly, though, because I was so concerned that they might get scared. Irrational, I know. Conner had a mirror after all! When I took them out, I projected my guilt onto Audrey. I imagined him saying, "How could you abandon me?" So I put some orange juice bottles on top of the cage.

This morning, I took them downstairs again and went back to bed. A few minutes later I woke up to Conner singing, his sounds muffled by several sets of doors. Finally, I could sleep.

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