Thursday, July 9, 2009

Popsicle Sticks as Cockatiel Toys

Conner has a new toy! Popsicle sticks in between wooden beads. Although the toy is fairly new, he's already overcome his fear of it. He walked over to the toy and tried to crack a wooden ball.
Here you can see in the distance that Conner watches carefully when anyone messes with things on his cage. If you touch his box, he frequently runs at you to attack. Conner is very fierce!

I've been thinking about adding some wicker to Conner's cage. Shannon posted some fantastic pictures that inspired me. Audrey might even like wicker. He would certainly like the one that is shaped like a nest box.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, This is a great toy. Where did you find it? As far as wicker goes, I find these inexpensively at craft stores in various sizes and shapes. I always look to be sure nothing has been treated or lacquered (I do a smell test too, as I'm sensitive to chemicals and don't want my birds exposed to anything bad). These are great "chew toys" and my cockatiels love to spend considerable time chewing on them. And then they leave them be for weeks; only to return to them later on.

  2. Shanon, the toy is from Drs Foster Smith: Only $3! The last toy that I bought him was $10, so I'm really happy that he likes this one better.


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