Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canada Geese - Golden Gate Park

Visiting Golden Gate Park the other day, we got a real treat: Canada Geese! They were foraging grass in the field. If you expand the picture below, you can see a blade of grass sticking out of his beak and bits of grass on his beak.

I'm not sure if these geese were migrating because this area also has Canada Geese living here throughout the year.

They let me get pretty close, but in between bites, this bird would look at me to make sure I wasn't causing trouble.

do you mind? I'm trying to eat
Some were sleeping.

And the guy below was rubbing his head, completely blissed out in the experience.

first the top

then the side. oh yeah, the side

then the top again

then another side, ahh

There were at least 20 geese hanging out.

They were there the following week, although there was more movement, perhaps in anticipation of a long flight.

Last week I saw several flocks flying across 101. Migration is a fun time of year.

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