Saturday, September 26, 2009

Warbling Vireo

Do you know how many grey birds there are in San Francisco? There are flycatchers.

There are bushtits.

And there are vireos!

This is a Warbling Vireo. You can tell the difference between a Warbling Vireo and other types by the faint line that goes from the right of his eye to the back of his head.

They can be hard to capture because they move around so much. According to my guidebook, their song is "iggly wiggly iggly piggly iggly eek!"

I was lucky to get these three shots.


  1. Love the photos! It sure is beautiful and different in norcal; so many pretty song birds. On Sunday, I had a sea lion pass within 15 feet of me in the water; I see seals lots, but never a sea lion in water. They are HUGE and it scared the crap out me when it rose up. T

  2. So cool, but yes, very scary. There were signs everywhere at the reserve stating that you must stay more than 25 feet from the sea lions for your own safety.

    I couldn't believe how loud they are. You could hear their urp-urp calls from 2 miles away. By the time we reached them they were making this noise that I had thought was the rumbling of motorcycles.


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