Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cockatiel Showers

Pictures of wet Conner as promised!

He wanted to be on my hand in the shower to sing to me. So I put a few droplets of water onto him, and then a few more, and he puffed to get wet!

Conner made such a spectacle getting wet, that Audrey started getting puffy on top of the shower rod. So Audrey got a shower too!

California has been hot lately, which caused Audrey to undergo a heavy molt and Conner to lose a few feathers. They've both had new feathers come in, which increases the dander, so the shower was very good for both of them.


  1. Cute pics! Yo-yo loves showers, while Miss Patty only has a mild appreciation for them as a spa-like experience. However, what she really gos crazy for is spray bottle baths! It doesn't matter if it is a fine mist or huge drops, she immediately starts dancing, fluffing, and falling all over in the "rain"! Yo-yo, meanwhile, averts his eyes and looks a bit embarrassed.....

  2. Meg, that is such a funny visual! I really love it when cockatiels get that enthusiastic. Audrey would fall over if I didn't hold onto him so tightly during his showers.


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